HR Management

What can we do for you?

HR can be a complex area to navigate, and there are practical, financial, and legal ramifications if it’s not done properly. (Ugh. As if you needed something else to keep you up at night.)

Working with Red Seat is like having a world-class human resources department at your disposal — without the cost of actually hiring a full-time, world-class human resources department. We think that’s a beautiful thing, and our clients do, too.

In addition to our structured hiring offerings, we offer a variety of à la carte HR services, described below. There’s some critically important stuff in here, and while we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take our work very seriously. That means you’re in excellent hands. All you have to do is tell us what we can do for you. Not sure what you need? Our team would be happy to help you figure it out.

FLSA - Exempt/Non-Exempt Audit

This one’s straightforward, but critical: We’ll conduct a comprehensive review to ensure your company has correctly allocated employee Exempt/Non-Exempt status.  On November 22nd, 2016 a federal judge issued a nation-wide temporary injunction suspending the DOL Overtime Rule Change scheduled to go into effect on December 1st, 2016. We are tracking the changes and staying current of new developments.  

Review and Creation of New Hire Onboarding Process, and Checklist

Red Seat will review your existing hiring and onboarding documents and process to ensure they meet current HR standards and requirements. We’ll make updates as needed, resulting in an easy-to-use master file (paper and/or electronic) and a checklist for onboarding all new hires.

Onboarding Check-in, 1-year Check-In, and Exit Interviews

Put Red Seat's interview skills and 15-point check-in rating system to work in your company to get an authentic grasp of your new employees’ attitudes toward their positions. (Buckle your seat belt. This gets real.)

We can check in after two months of employment (an onboarding check-in) and one year of employment. These checks provide valuable insight, not only into how your new hire is fitting into the job, but also about any issues that need to be addressed. We provide an unintimidating outlet for new hires to offer genuine feedback. In the event an employee has left, or if you have had unexpected turnover, let Red Seat step in. An unbiased, third party exit interview will often uncover priceless information as to why a company is experiencing turnover.

Employee File and I-9 Review

We’ll conduct a thorough review of existing (and exited) employee files and I-9s. Trust us: This is not an area you want to overlook. Employee documents must be properly completed, sorted and securely stored. If and when an employee requests access to his or her file as allowed under the law, it is important that only the correct documents are available.  This is serious stuff, so we’ll send someone onsite to inspect employee files. We can either organize the files or provide a checklist to help you do so.                                                                    

Employee Job Descriptions

Think a job description is just about jotting down the key components of the job? Think again. It is critical for companies of all sizes to have in place job descriptions that meet ADA standards, providing the employer and the employee guidelines around essential functions of each distinct position in an organization. (That goes for existing jobs too, not just open positions that need filling.) Job descriptions are essential if an employee requests or requires reasonable accommodation. Properly constructed job descriptions serve as a point of reference and a guideline for performance management and performance review.

Employee Satisfaction, Performance Reviews, and Stay Interviews

Performance review time draws groans from bosses and employees alike, but annual reviews are an incredibly important avenue for: a) affirming and documenting employee performance, b) opening the exchange of ideas with regard to the company and the job, and c) discussing and setting goals for employee development. That’s a worthy investment, and we can help make it easy.

At Red Seat, we recommend preparation and completion of a performance management system that incorporates:

  1. Development of a formal performance review process with an employee feedback component and structured employee/manager meeting forms
  2. Stay Interview add-on for key employees (read more about stay interviews below)
  3. Training by Red Seat on the prepared documents and process/delivery

Stay Interviews

Companies are using, experiencing and reaping the benefits of Stay Interviews. In this formatted annual conversation, separate from a performance review, managers lead a discussion with key employees about their level of satisfaction and engagement. These meetings not only shed light on issues requiring attention, but they can mean the difference between a key employee sticking around or bailing out for perceived greener pastures.

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbooks may not sound like page-turning reading, but they’re critical to setting expectations for the workplace. Handbooks facilitate consistency in the organization, enable employees to understand guidelines, and offer protections for employers. An effective handbook is customized to your specific organization, and it may cover only a few essential areas or every imaginable detail — it’s up to you. Whether you need your handbook reviewed or are starting from scratch, we can help.

Interview Process Creation

Don’t have a standardized interview process? Don’t have the right (read: legal and effective) standardized interview process? Research has proven that standardized interviews increase the chance of successful hires and the process protects organizations from wrongful hire lawsuits. We will review your existing interview process if applicable, and we can also review job descriptions, interview the hiring or department manager, and develop a customized interview process delivered electronically for ongoing use. (Invest once, benefit long-term!)

You have the option to include interactive, on-site manager training, during which we’ll cover interview techniques, behavioral interviewing, illegal questions/answers, and presenting your company as an Employer of Choice.

Employee Satisfaction Survey and Engagement Survey

Turnover is costly. Get ahead of the problem with a smartly designed employee satisfaction or engagement survey. The right survey provides critical insight into your workforce, their attitudes toward the organization, and issues that may lead to turnover. These surveys provide information that facilitates planning for benefit design, recruiting and other employee-focused programs aimed at increasing retention and engagement.

Red Seat makes it easy. We will custom design a survey for your employee base, administer the survey electronically, and provide you with summarized reporting and feedback featuring actionable items.

Succession Planning

When a key employee moves up or heads out, many companies are left scrambling at best — and often repeating or missing key tasks. That’s why succession planning is so important to ensuring organizational sustainability. The succession planning process strategically assesses the skills and competencies needed in your key positions and identifies high potential employees and/or outside resources to replace the position(s) in the event of vacancy.

And succession planning is about more than covering gaps. Succession planning involves development program creation for high potential employees. This provides growth and incentive opportunity for up and coming key contributors (and makes them more likely to stick around!).

Red Seat will guide your team through a multi-step process to identify key positions that meet succession planning criteria, develop competency models, compare high potential employees to the master competency model, identify skills gaps and assist in development of a plan to address them, and create related project documentation and processes such as employee communication and succession planning evaluation. Translation: We make it painless.