Are you Hiring or Recruiting?  

Are you Hiring or Recruiting?     

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for some answers about how to get resume traffic from your job ads, candidates in the door for interviews, and ultimately, quality new employees for your company. 

To compete for top talent in an extremely tight employment market such as this, companies need to understand and pay attention to both recruiting and hiring. 

Recruiting includes all the parts and pieces of driving candidates to your company.  Traditional recruiting, or the function of headhunting, is only part of what it takes to succeed at recruiting.  It’s critical to consider a variety of other items such as your company’s online presence, involvement in the community and what makes your organization a great place to work. 

Companies that do well at recruiting also need to pay attention to the process of hiring.  We recommend a systemized process that’s agile enough to move quickly in a job market where top candidates are courted by multiple organizations.  A strong hiring process maximizes interview structure and content, one-on-one time with key individuals, documentation, assessment  and presentation of the offer.  Before going out to search for a candidate, companies that win at the hiring game have thought through how to “sell” their organization as an Employer of Choice, laid out the key components of their interview process, trained their staff on how to interview, and prepared highly effective interview questions designed to give them exactly what they need to know to evaluate their candidates. 

Does your company do well in these areas?  We are interested in hearing from you!  Don’t know how to get started? Give us a call to talk about your concerns, or check back on our blog for more detail and best practices.