Speaking (on Hiring)

Hiring, Recruitment and Retention:  Actionable ideas straight from the (expert) source 

Red Seat CEO Talley Flora engages audiences with her in-demand presentations.

Attendees leave informed and motivated, and equipped with answers to questions such as:

  • What are the best strategies for finding, recruiting and securing candidates in a (very) tight market?

  • Why aren't my help wanted ads producing results?

  • How do I present my company so that people want to work here?

  • I rely on my gut when hiring. Why do I need your help? (Trust us: you will learn something useful!)

  • We are concerned that other companies will lure away our top performers. What can we do to keep our current employees?

About The Speaker

Talley Flora, Red Seat CEO, has helped her client companies hire over 1,000 employees in her 20-year career.  Is your company, business group, or organization's membership struggling with finding and retaining top talent?  Depend on Talley's expertise and engaging style to guide your members on even the most difficult hiring and employee retention issues.  With topics ranging from developing a hiring strategy to the how-to's of a company's recruitment image, Talley will drill into the technical nuts and bolts of online reviews, social media, help wanted ads, recruitment strategies, interviewing musts, assessments, references, offers and retention.  A customized presentation by Talley will address your organization or membership's hiring challenges.  

For More information

Contact Talley directly by calling 952.893.0020 or email: talley@redseat.com to learn more about bringing compelling, interactive hiring and retention presentations to your organization.